Bonus Live Video release

JUNE 25 // 2021

Premiere! Third single/Live video

JULY 23 // 2021

Sterbhaus charts at #1!!!

JULY 18 // 2021

Live streaming event July 9!

JULY 04 // 2021

It's already "that time of the month again" ;-)

You spoke, and we listened... the third single/live video for the new live album is the apparent favourite "Grudgeholder+Hatemonger". A delightful blistering fast piece of thrashing madness about tax funded ignorant witch hunts done through Swedish "neutral" national TV by narrow minded old farts with an obvios hidden Christian bible bashing agenda. Today we laugh at it... but in fact it's Sweden during the mid 80s - and apparently it was OK that your tax money went to finance conformity (...and stupidity).


Premiere! Third single/live video

JULY 23 // 2021

Well... what do you know? We didn't think we'd release another live video of just one song after the three singles we're released. Sure - we'll be posting some other stuff (like drumcam videos) but another single/live video?

But what the hell, we got all this footage so why not? We asked you on Facebook and instagram which song you would have us upload and it was a close call between "Ministry", "Baby Jee and the 3 Stalkers" and this one... But in the end, it will be a hell of a lot of "Necrostabbing" going on as "Necrostabbing the Corspefinder" from "Necrostabbing at Göta Källare - Live in Stockholm" got you vote. 

And BTW... We're not entirely sure ourselves what "Necrostabbing" actually encompasses... ;-)

Bonus Live Video release

SEPTEMBER 17 // 2021


Sterbhaus charts at #1!!!

JULY 18 // 2021

We are quite overwhelmed to find out that "Necrostabbing at Göta Källare - Live in Stockholm" entered at #1 in the Swedish sales charts for physical sales on the week of its release. We also landed the #9 position for all Metal regardless of format in Sweden. Nothing could have prepared us for this... so a thunderous THANK YOU goes out to everyone who secured a copy so soon. As You can all imagine... we are floored and happy beyond belief!

Check out the chart position at:

The album features the release show for the album "New Level of Malevolence" that was recorded 17 October 2015 on a stage shared with Grave and Raise Hell.

Live Streaming event on July 9

JULY 04 // 2021

We're hosting a very special live Streaming event on the release day of our new live album "Necrostabbing at Göta Källare - Live in Stockholm".

It will be held at our Official Facebook page and the broadcast starts at 20:00 (CET - GMT+2). 

From our private BBQ release party we invite you to watch the whole show from start to finish. First we will kick things off with a stream from the actual party and after that we will all watch the show together. Some members haven't seen the video footage yet! So it's a true premiere! :-) Once the show is done we'll wrap things up with another short live stream

Make sure to join in! We made some tasty events to keep track of it and those can be accessed... Here!! 

Premiere! Second single/live video

JUNE 25 // 2021

Second single for the coming live album is the long due release of the title track from "New Level of Malevolence". This freight train of a song was supposed to be a third single for the actual album but that never happened, so here is the live version instead. 

"New Level of Malevolence" is perhaps one of the more accessable songs on the album and the only one to feature a Sterbhaus trademark "going off the rails" with its cookie middle section"

 Check out the video and listen to it on your favourite digital platforms from today (like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music etc). In fact! Why not pre order "Necrostabbing at Göta Källare - Live in Stockholm"? As you can hear it's gonna be a SMASHER!

Pre-order at:

Premiere! New single/live video

MAY 28 // 2021

First single for the coming live album is the classic thrasher "Absolutely Do Not Die - Live" and it is out now! Check out the video and listen to it on your favourite digital platforms from today (like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music etc). In fact! Why not pre order "Necrostabbing at Göta Källare - Live in Stockholm"? As you can hear it's gonna be a SMASHER!

Pre-order at:

"Absolutely Do Not Die" is a true fan favourite and we can't imagine ever NOT having played this one live since it first appeared on the "Angels for Breakfast ...And God for Lunch" album.

New Live album out July 9!


It seems highly appropriet in the midst of a Covid-19 related live-show drought to finally get our long awaited live album out. So here it is!

"Necrostabbing at Göta Källare - Live in Stockholm" will be released on July 9 2021 through Black Lodge. And we couldn't be more excited! As many of you already know this show was filmed in its entirety and that photage will be released in bits and pieces, and eventually in its entirety - for your streaming/viewing pleasure the coming months. 

Pre-orderering is now available <-- Click here!

The album features the release show for the album "New Level of Malevolence" that was recorded 17 October 2015 on a stage shared with Grave and Raise Hell.

Vocalist Reacting to Sterbhaus song

MARCH 22 // 2021

How fantastically disgusting aren't those damn Reaction videos...? I mean... what's the bloody point of watching someone else react to something?? How is that interesting?? 

They say: "If you can't beat them - join them".. Well we say "If you can't beat them...

Make bloody fun of  them".

Or... We we're just so damn bored during this pandemic that we wanted something to do to share with you all. Nevertheless... it's a great way to showcase one of the fastest songs we've done so far. Let the bad puns reign! Have fun! :-)


NOVEMBER 1 // 2020

We're launching an "END OF THE YEAR" Sale in our webshop so you may cater to your Christmas shopping needs ;-)

All orders come with a 30% discound and includes 2 free patches! For all orders including one or several vinyls you get a large (A2 format) free "New Level of Malevolence" poster. Now what about that!?


Since we run this shop ourselves and since we can't spare the effort to investigate what rules apply for every country in the world when it comes to Covid-19, we're going to take the easy route here and put all that responsibility on you ;-) SO! Basically, if you place an order - we will ship it. If it get's stuck for whatever reason related to Covid 19 we hereby absolve ourselves from that responsibility.

Now, Check out our website for some tasty deals:



OCTOBER 21 // 2020

Time to break the silence again!

...Well what do you know... Sterbhaus will not die in 2020 after all (as previously posted).... and maybe not even in 2021. As unlikely as it might sound, it's all due to Covid-19

One of the many reasons Sterbhaus is calling it quits is because the DIY situation became just overwhelming. We are - as promised, going to reveal more about all that once we get that very last studio album out. But Covid-19 made it generally impossible for us to go into production during this year since it had both financial and personal effects on each member. So, well... that "end" of the band will have to be postponed to an indefinite date at this point. And that in turn... actually feels pretty good :-)

To give some further update on the situation we can reveal that Marcus has been editing, color-grading and cutting that Live show at Göta Källare (for most of the year) which is going to be our first live-album release as well (yep, that is still happening!). The closer we come to an end result, the more obvious it gets that we need to look more carefully into exactly HOW this filmed photage is to be released. Initially we thought we'd just upload it onto our YouTube channel, but maybe that is not the right way to do it...

As soon as we know more about the live album release in general we will let you know what will happen with the live video as well. We don't know.... DVD, Exclusive downloads, streaming events... Well, the options seem limitless. The idea is to do something cool instead of squandering it. 

Cheers for now!

// Sterbhaus

"Krampusnacht" EP - OUT NOW! 

DECEMBER 15 // 2019

YES! The day is finally here! It's The Gold Vinyl and Digipak version released on the 13th of December 2019 has had the title track undergone rigorous reproduction (re-cutting/editing etc) and is remixed and remastered to sound better than ever. 

And the artwork itself makes this the sexiest Sterbhaus release ever... 

Distributed by SoundPollution and available most anywhere. Due to tight shipping etc some stores may not yet have got the vinyl version in stock yet, so to secure a copy asap the best way is to order it from the Official Sterbhaus webstore... here!

As always! Keep updated on the Facebook page regarding reviews, links to shops, etc etc

Pressrelease: STERBHAUS IS BACK...


NOVEMBER 1 // 2019

It's time to kill the silence and get back in the game... To say goodbye - IN STYLE!

Our terrific Metal Deluxe trio will embark on an epic farewell starting now (!!) with the release of this website, web shop (and sale associated with it) as well as a ripping cover of Jethro Tulls “For a Thousand Mothers”. We've obviously kept quiet for some time in social media etc, but from this day to the end of days (for Sterbhaus) we will reboot and start posting, releasing albums etc etc. You just wait and see... ;-)   

Yes. Sterbhaus is disbanding in 2020. And why is that after 13 years (give or take some months)? Actually, there are numerous reasons for this of which we most likely will reveal more of later, but one of the more rather undramatic reasons is that the members simply need and want to focus on other things musically and artistically. This has been brewing for quite some time (especially during the last couple of years) but since it’s not an issue of members falling out it seems rather proper to end things on top.

...And that is why we have a quite an amazing schedule filled to the brim with extraordinary stuff for the coming year!

What's going to happen - among other things, is the long over due release of the “Krampusnacht” EP on vinyl and CD. The official date for this is already set and keeping in good spirits of the mood of the album... we can reveal that it is Friday the 13th of December 2019. In a few days we will announce more details about this, so keep posted (see?? We're already committing to not going silent again!). Other activities in the name of our demise includes a live album of the release show we did for “New Level of Malevolence” in 2015 (now with a stunning mix by Ronnie Björnström), as well as a video release of that entire show - professionally filmed with seven cameras. Of all these things we will reveal more soon.

...And believe it or not.

Finally – in 2020, we will release a last final new album! It's already written and for the most part preproduced, and it is not about dishing out leftovers. This is the best one yet, and we've spent an eternity writing and perfecting it.

So don't fret! We have at least a full year of “hanging out” (although we kinda already stopped playing live) and we will keep you informed about what Marcus, Jimmy and Erik are up to apart from Sterbhaus. A lot of it may only be posted on social media so be sure to follow us on Facebook.

Enjoy the ride! And again... Do check out that unreleased bonus track for the album "Angels for Breakfast ...And God for Lunch" from the 2011 sessions in Abyss studios. It kills and Jethro Tull was always the best.

Cheers for now!

Marcus, Jimmy and Erik



NOVEMBER 1 // 2019

After quite some down-time, a new simplified site is now launched. Technical mumbo jumbo aside (yep, that was actually the main reason for all the issues) we want to celebrate this by launching a sale on our Web shop.

The sale is 50% or more off from Merchandise (t-shirts etc) and CDs and will last during a limited time. Make sure to check out our new Web shop for all the deals... 

Can't believe this first post was this boring... but what are you gonna do eh? 

// Sterbhaus